Earth Images Like You’ve Never Seen Before

New NOVA show featured never-before-seen Earth images.

PBS’ new NOVA show entitled “Earth from Space” featured images of our planet that were never seen before, according to the report published on

Images brought new perspective of the Earth

The images featured on the new NOVA show came from pictures taken by satellites that orbit and observes the Earth. The images also give new perspective and deeper understanding to experts about the state of our planet.

Paula Apsell the senior executive producer of NOVA, in an interview with OurAmazingPlanet, stated that images and Earth information were taken from about 120 satellites orbiting the Earth. These satellites according to Apsell did not only help in making sure that important tasks like weather monitoring is being performed, they also help us understand more about our planet’s condition.

Satellite images shows Earth inter-connectivity

The infrared and microwave monitoring capabilities of these satellites makes it capable of seeing more than what we humans can see with the normal optical light. Apsell explained that with the capability of these satellites, scientists were able to see how elements like light, water, land and air are interconnected with each other and how these all become a big system that ‘feed into each other.’

Earth In My Room™Paula Apsell also revealed that studying something in isolation does not help much in understanding the Earth but all of these changes when the whole system is considered, and how each of the individual parts connect with each other.

One of the examples of inter-connectivity that Paula mentioned in the interview is the hurricanes that end up most of the time in Florida and the Gulf Coast always start in the northwest coast of Africa. Another is how current from Antarctic affects places as far north as Peru and how dust from the African deserts boosts the growth of plants in South America particularly the Amazon.

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